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Radiant Futur – Hypersensitive (C35 cassette) is released on October 14th! 

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Nikolajev – Transplant Rejection (C35 cassette) is released on October 14th!

Watch: Nikolaienko - Muzak for Mesozoic Showreel (Feat. Arthur Mine)

Dmytro Nikolaienko made this video from his footage shot in the Kyiv and New York natural history museums.

"Nostalgia Por Mesozóica" LP will be shipping next month!

VHS feedback video by Mark Templeton for Nikolaienko's Uomo Di Mondo (Faitiche, 2021)


Fundraiser compilation: ВОЛЯ
Воля (Volia. Eng, Will, Freedom) ORDER

For the past ten years, the Ukrainian label Muscut has been a home for many Russian artists. We've shared good together. Why are you completely silent now?

When some Russian artists tell me they cannot post anything about the war — I feel fooled because I remember how the artists have been making veiled anti-soviet art during the 60—90s.

Nobody asks you to repost the Mariupol city photos and videos. But can you try at least to make a signal that you are aware of what’s going on? For example, post the black screen every day or week — nobody will put you into jail for that. If you find some stupid anti-war quote from the past or a naive anti-war poster from the Cold War era, nobody will put you into prison. But you don’t do anything — you are completely silent.

Dmytro, 31.03.2022