Victor Vlasov - The Air Seller, 1967 (12" LP)

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Shukai presents its debut release - music for television film The Air Seller by Victor Vlasov, which has never been released before.

Recorded in 1967, the same year as the film was broadcasted on Soviet television.
The Air Seller directed by Vladimir Riabtsev is a black and white film based on the eponymous sci-fi novel by Alexander Belyaev, first published in 1929.
Limited edition of 300 copies.

Listen to the snippet here:

A1 Intro 0:17
A2 Why? 3:29
A3 Untitled I 0:11
A4 William Is Sailing A Boat 1:03
A5 Klimenko Is Walking Along The Corridor 0:53
A6 Untitled II 1:32
A7 Nikola Is Killing The Guard 0:46
A8 Nikola Is Sneaking 1:47
A9 Climbing Up The Hill 3:00
A10 Title Theme 1:18
B1 Klimenko Is In The Bed 0:47
B2 Nora and Klimenko Dance 3:01
B3 Klimenko Is Escaping I 0:42
B4 Untitled III 1:13
B5 Nikola Is In The Boat 0:36
B6 Klimenko Is Escaping II 1:20
B7 Klimenko Is Exploring The Bayley's Base 0:49
B8 Untitled IV 1:11
B9 Klimenko Is In The Captivity Again 1:25
B10 Attention! Prepare For The Experiment 1:28
B11 Sensation! Tragedies! 1:33 
released April 5, 2019

"Untitled" tracks numbered I-VI are not in the original score.

Music by V. Vlasov
Lirycs by V. Berezinsky
Recorded in 1967 at Odessa Film Studio
Mastered At See Why Audio
ⒸⓅ Victor Vlasov, 2019
Shukai 1, 2019