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The Sounds Of Pseudoscience Organised By Nikolaienko (12"LP 2015 / Cassette reissue 2020)

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Catalogue: Muscut 3 (12") / Muscut 3d (Digital) / Muscut 3C (Cassette)
Format: 12" LP (300), Digital, Cassette (30)
Release date: 26 June 2015
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi

GRAPHICAL RECORDINGS and Muscut have teamed up to co-publish Nikolaienko's "The Sounds of Pseudoscience" (12"/Digital, LP). Nikolaienko's upcoming full length is a playful and intriguing archive of sounds influenced by the works of electronic music pioneers and experimenters. The album acts as a tribute to early-electronics' golden era, playing out as a requiem, pondering the theme of nostalgia through warm analogue, space-aged sounds. For the artist, it’s an odd and ironically funny sound document, which he hopes declares some other way that electronic music can be today. Watch for it this July.

Nikolaienko's "The Sounds Of Pseudoscience" LP from 2015 gets 5 Years Anniversary Limited Edition on cassettes. 30 copies only. Includes 10 never published before pseudoscience illustrations.

"Four years in the making, Nikolaienko’s retrogarde take on mid-20th century tape music is a loping, whirling fuzzy felt oscillator odyssey. If Louis and Bebe Barron had been asked to create electronic tonalities for a Czech animation based on EM Forster’s The Machine Stops, the results may have turned out like this. Only, for all its nods to Parmegiani and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, one can’t quite see this album coming out in 1956 – or even 1976. Something about the slightly off kilter rhythms, the loose feel and wheezing sound effects make this very much a post-Dilla take on Raymond Scott and his successors." - The Wire

"...The album, pitched as “a tribute to early-electronics’ golden era,” takes on a fragmented aesthetic of bleeps, thunks and jolts that secrete the concentrated focus of a fantastical laboratory...” Tiny Mix Tapes

"...The Sounds Of Pseudoscience is a perfect cocktail of space ambient with ice, delicate percussions, under-water rhythms and echoes of Soviet 60s..." Krossfingers

"The Sounds of Pseudoscience являет собой дань уважения пионерам электронной музыки и экспериментаторам; это ностальгия по временам, когда к музыке относились не только как к искусству, но как к своеобразной технической науке. Ее записывали в пыльных домашних лабораториях, среди вороха самодельных аналоговых инструментов и профессиональных синтезаторов. Мелодии рождались, словно формулы. В эпоху легкодоступных компьютеров такой подход является редким, чуть ли не вымершим, но не для киевского композитора-электронщика Дмитрия Николаенко..." - Neformat