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Indirect - Waltz (7" vinyl)

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Catalogue: Muscut 2
Format: 7", limited to 300
Release date: October 4, 2014

For a few years until recently, Indirect’s rehearsal studio was located at the abandoned Odessa drugstore “Аптека №326”, whose stained glass window is depicted on the album cover. The many hours spent in there practising and recording have now come to fruition in the six tracks of the Ab Pharmacy album (Latin for "from the pharmacy"), also available as a limited edition 7" titled Waltz.
Indirect — Ab Pharmacy (LP, Digital), Muscut 2d / DK1d
Indirect — Waltz (SP, 7" Ltd, 300), Muscut 2 / DK1

Each copy of Waltz — 300 copies in total, has an original linocut print cover and Includes free download coupon for Indirect's "Ab Pharmacy" Digital album.

Tracklist of "Ab Pharmacy" (LP, Digital):
Waltz (6:56)
Herb (5:50)
Rise (6:00)
Preparatio №4 (8:09)
Apothecarius (5:14)
1st Movement (6:46)

Tracklist of "Waltz" (SP, 7" Ltd, 300):
A side — Waltz (6:56)
B side — Herb (5:50)

Gennadiy Boychenko: compositions, organ, keyboards, synth, programming, guitar, bass guitar
Anton Ostromeczky: compositions, drums
Taras Panteleychuk: compositions, bass guitar, guitar
Alexey Volusunov: compositions, guitar
Nadya Shoshina: flute
Vasiliy Notkin: additional guitars

Composed and recorded by Indirect in Odesa
Mastered by Kassian Troyer in Berlin
Produced by Dmytro Nikolaienko and DJ Mavr
Cover illustration by Anna Makarchuk (Waltz, 7")
Cover photo by Taras Panteleychuk (Ab Pharmacy, digital)

Muscut / Diskultura