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uon duh - EUROPE (Cassette)

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Catalogue number: Muscut 15
Format: Cassette (32 copies) / Digital

This music will grow out of its own structure and grains. A castle of sand falling apart, slowly. Sometimes it's like a photograph of a hotel, not translating to the present. There is an expressiveness, but more as in helplessness. A soft and steady repetition of future beliefs. Does this make the music personal? Yes, everything happens under context. Like in society positive things need to be said over and over again. An endless desire.

released December 6, 2019

All music by uon duh.

Konstantin Bessonov – Drums, Percussion, Electronics
Simon Roessler – Electric Piano, Organ, Synthesizers

Written and recorded by Konstantin Bessonov and Simon Roessler in Hamburg, Germany. October 2018.
Mastering by René Huthwelker
Photos by Maik Gräf


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