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Radiant Futur – Hypersensitive

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The third in a row of Muscut cassette albums due in the latter half of 2022, ‘Hypersensitive’ collects ambient and fictional soundtrack works by Kyiv musician Ian Yeriomenko. Across the nine tracks, this usual fixture of the city's electro/techno scene fits perfectly into the spectral and nostalgic easy listening world that Dmytro Nikolaienko’s label is widely known for.

As Radiant Futur, Yeriomenko explores similar themes to their experimental film-making practice, moving through various moods and textures from the aquatic new age of ‘Etiam Transeat’ (which recalls Björn J:son Lindh’s beautiful ‘Transea’) to the kosmiche propulsions of ‘Hypersensitive’. Progress and movement, the past vs present. The human vs machine dichotomy, sci-fi themes of transistor love and blurry visions of space travel all coalesce, guided and enhanced by the track titles. Yeriomenko has been creating electronic music since early childhood, and there is a deftness to the compositions here that communicates a strong artistic intent. Originally contributing to Muscut’s charity compilation earlier this year, this full length offers a much more cohesive view into the sound of Radiant Futur.

Artist: Radiant Futur
Title: Hypersensitive
Format: C35 cassette, DL
Catalog: Muscut 25C
Release date: October 14, 2022
File under: Electronica, Ambient, New Age

A1 Journey In The Deepest Of The Eyes
A2 Unspoken Loneliness
A3 Etiam Transeat
A4 Life Amplifier’s Modulation
B1 Pipe Dreams
B2 Hypersensitive
B3 When I Touched The Sky
B4 Transistor Love
B5 Forgiveness

Mastering by Gennadiy Boychenko
Artwork by ai.vava
Riso print by Hands on press
Muscut, 2022