Chillera - Live from Odesa (C-60, cassette)
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Catalogue number: Muscut Live 1
Released: June, 2021
Format: C-60 cassette, limited to 100 copies, hand-stamped and numbered
In cooperation with dublab DE

Recorded at the “Muscut – 9 Years Takeover” on dublab.DE

A day of music by label residents and friends in anticipation of Muscut’s 9 Year label anniversary in March 2021.

60 minutes / 12 tracks - live versions of the tracks from Schax, Pro Fun and new tracks from the upcoming EP.
100 copies of C60 cassettes, hand-stamped and numbered

Bass: Hanna Bryzhata
Guitar: Polina Matskevych
Drums: Anastasiia Marykutsa

Illustration by Zhora Shwin
Photo by Christina Chigrinova

All recordings from the takeover can be found here:


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