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Arthur Mine — Urania

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Artist: Arthur Mine
Title: Urania
Format: C30 cassette, DL
Release date: July 22, 2022
File under: Electronica, Ambient

Arthur Mine is a keyboardist and electronic musician from Kyiv, Ukraine. An ex-member of several live bands from punk to indie and experimental. In 2017 Nikolaienko's collaborator on the Nostalgia Por Mesozoica 7” single. 
For the collectors of New Age cassettes to put somewhere between Sven Grünberg and Vangelis.

Holytec Corporate Memories 03:55
Mantra 03:52
FM-Theme 02:32
The Ship 03:59
Mr Nobody 05:53
Spiral Roads 06:45
Twilights 06:11
Infowaves 05:13

Mastered by Blacklisted Mastering 
Artwork by Luca Schenardi

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Tracks A1 and A4 were previously released on Arthur Mine — Dispersed Mind EP (2021, Sine Language Records)

Muscut, 2022