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Indirect Meets Nikolaienko - Ode To The Sea (12" vinyl / Cassette)

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Catalogue: Muscut 6
Format: 12", LP (300) / Cassette (50)
released November 25, 2016

Odesan kraut band Indirect teamed up with Nikolaienko's tape loops from Kyiv to play homage to french library music and Soviet soundtracks.

Gennadiy Boychenko: comp., programming, keyboards, organs, synths, electric guitar
Anton Ostrometsky: comp., drums (A1—A3, B2—B4)
Emil Asadov: bass guitar (A2, B3)
Alexey Volusunov: comp., electric guitar (A1—A5, B1, B5), saxophone (A2)
Ganna Brizhata: vocalese (A2, B2)
Dmytro Nikolaienko: comp., programming, synths, tape loops and manipulations, sound effects, percussions

Recorded in Odesa and Kyiv
Additional mix and mastering by Kassian Troyer in Berlin
Produced by Dmytro Nikolaienko and Gennadiy Boychenko

Mosaic work "Blink" (2011) by Anatoly Gankevich
Photo collage, graphic design by Dmytro Nikolaienko
Background photo by Natasha Masharova