Nostalgia Por Mesozóica by Nikolaienko Meets Arthur Mine (7" vinyl)

Vinyl record: 12 EUR
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Catalogue number: Muscut 16
Release date: March 6, 2020
Limited to 100 copies

After four years of silence that have elapsed since the release of “Ode To The Sea” LP back in 2016, Muscut is bringing out Nikolaienko’s next collaboration, a duo with Arthur Mine, a Kyiv-based keyboard maestro and an ex-member of the ‘Blacklazer’ band.
“Nostalgia Por Mesozóica” is an exploration of "experimental exotica" consisted of synthesized tropical attributes — an artificial landscape isolated behind the glass frame. Reminiscent of recording techniques and sonorities ubiquitous in the 60’s and 70’s, it could conceivably have been intended as a soundtrack for the Mesozoic Era exhibition at your favorite Natural History museum. Limited to 1OO copies. Includes hand-numbered and stamped postcard.

A Troglodytes 04:30
B1 The Ancient Musical Complex Of Mammoth Bones 02:56
B2 Muzak For Mesozoic Showreel 02:49

Arthur Mine: Arp Odyssey (track A), Venta synth-organ (track B2)
Nikolaienko: modular synth percussion, tape manipulations, processing, effects.
Composed by Nikolaienko and Arthur Mine and recorded at Labyrint Of Echoes Studio in Kyiv during 2017—2019.
Mastering by Flaty
Photos by Dmytro Nikolaienko
Muscut 16, 2020