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Bryozone — Eye Of Delirious

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“Eye Of Delirious” is a long-awaited debut Muscut's release of Chillera’s band bass player Ganna Bryzhata — an Odesa-based sound artist. An ambient LP is a smoothy-flow sub-nautical journey with the songs of Black sea sirens glowing under the moon.

Format: C40, cassette / Digital
Edition: 100, hand-numbered
File under: ambient, dub, experimental
Release day: 10 March 2023

Face A:

Smoothy Flow 
Sub Nautica 
Sequence One 
Glowing Sirens 
Ghost Tribe

Face B:

Liminal Tribe
Eye Of Delirious 
Fateful Torment 
Ground Floor

Mastering by Gennadiy Boychenko 
Artwork by Volodymyr Pavlov 
Graphic design by (DN) daynight.info 
Neu Medieval and Heymland typefaces by KTF 
Riso print by Hands on Press 
Muscut, 2023