Radiant Futur

As Radiant Futur, Yeriomenko explores similar themes to their experimental film-making practice, moving through various moods and textures from the aquatic new age of ‘Etiam Transeat’ (which recalls Björn J:son Lindh’s beautiful ‘Transea’) to the kosmiche propulsions of ‘Hypersensitive’. Progress and movement, the past vs present. The human vs machine dichotomy, sci-fi themes of transistor love and blurry visions of space travel all coalesce, guided and enhanced by the track titles. Yeriomenko has been creating electronic music since early childhood, and there is a deftness to the compositions here that communicates a strong artistic intent. Originally contributing to Muscut’s charity compilation earlier this year, this full length offers a much more cohesive view into the sound of Radiant Futur.

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