Mårble - Löwah (7" vinyl)

Vinyl record: 12 EUR
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Catalogue number: Muscut 19
Release date: November 27, 2020
Limited to 200 copies

St. Petersburg’s lion Mårble brings us his three-pieces electroacoustic dubbing of wind instruments, soft percussions, deep bass and blotches of pseudo-ritualistic undefined spoken words. Anton Glebov is a founder of Hair Del. Records and also known with his releases on such labels as Natural Selections, Not Not Fun and many others.

A Jah, 6:21
B1 Azamat, 3:22
B2 Sawboy, 2:47

Composed and recorded by Mårble
Master and cut by Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin
Illustration by Anna Makarchuk


Muscut's releases tend to meld existing musical forms into interesting new shapes, and this three-tracker from St Petersburg producer Marble is no exception. While rooted in the deep bass and distinctive rhythmic patterns pf dub, it's not like any dub record we've heard before. That's no bad thing though, because 'Jah' and 'Asamat', in particular, are superb, with the Russian artist combining jazzy woodwind sounds - some 'as played', others electronically manipulated - with touches of subtle surf-rock guitar, deep bass, and rhythms created from unusual electronic sounds. Even more brilliantly bonkers is 'Sawboy', where what sound like energetic clarinet solos stretch out across a squelchy, TB-303 bassline. — Juno