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Dmytro Nikolaienko is a Ukrainian sound artist currently based in Tallinn, Estonia. Dmytro works mainly with outdated musical gear which he uses to produce tape and cassette loops as a base material for his sound collages. At the same time, Nikolaienko is also a founder of Muscut and Shukai labels.  


· Rings, 2021 Faitiche, LP 12”
· CAA—46 (reissue, 2007—2009), 2020 Cyland Audio Archive, 7,5”
· Blue Soup No.2 (reissue), 2020/2010 Muscut, 7"
· Nostalgia Por Mesozóica (with Arthur Mine), 2020 Muscut, 7”

· Ode To The Sea (with Indirect), 2016 Muscut, LP 12”
· The Sounds Of Pseudoscience, 2015 Muscut/Graphical, LP 12”
· Loops & Cuts Soup, 2010 Nexsound, EP DL


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